Cash Caller

Do you want to turn your radio station into a winning hotline? In this simple but fun promotion, the station will announce a large cash prize in the morning. Every hour, you will allow the first 10 callers to try and match the last 4 digits of their phone number to the predetermined winning number. They get the cash if they make the match. This promotion is an awesome way to connect clients with your organization.

Dollar Bill Match

Another day, another dollar! In our exciting Dollar Bill Match promotion, we will distribute winning dollar bills into your market. Each day the radio station will announce the serial numbers from some of the bills. If one listener has a winning bill in their possession, they have ten minutes to phone the station and turn their dollar into a pile of cash or a grand prize. This promotion is a great way to increase your radio station’s listenership.

Digital Games

If you’re looking for a new and creative way to market yourself then our digital promotions are just what you’ve been looking for! These contests are simple to run and perfect for any type of event. We offer a variety of different games, all of which are playable on any device and can be custom-designed to complement your brand. With these digital promotions you are able to offer a large insured prize covered by Interactive Promotions Group as well as smaller guaranteed prizes provided by you.

Playlist Payday

Do you have what it takes to name that tune? In this exciting radio promotion, test your listeners’ luck with the chance to win a grand prize. Interactive Promotions Group will randomly select three tunes from a list of popular songs provided by the station. If the caller can correctly pick the three songs in the winning playlist, they could win $. Let the next one-hit wonder give your contestant their lucky break!

Birthday Match

Have the best day ever with our Birthday Match radio promotion! Make your special day even better with a grand prize. The radio station will announce a lucky month on-air and select a designated caller born in that month. If the caller’s birthday matches the lucky day, they win $! If the caller’s birthday matches the day and year, they win an ultimate birthday present, such as cash or a shopping spree of the same amount. Here’s to your lucky day!