Syndicate your Radio Station or Radio Show now!

Step 1


You probably have ideas for your new show. The first thing to do is focus those ideas.

First, what qualifies you to host a syndicated radio show? Do you have the radio knack or experience? Do friends say you’ve got a voice or personality for radio? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it sounds to us like you can host a syndicated radio show. At New Music Radio Network, our programming is focused on new music.  There are successful hosts who never hosted a radio show before getting into syndication. Your time is now. 

It’s important to be as original as possible. Focusing on new music gives you the originality which will drive listeners to your show and radio stations. 

Play to your strengths and adding guest interviews, or something else creativing will give your show an edge on competition. Will the show be funny, serious, or a little of both? These are important factors to figure out now. Stick to your own customized format and give your listeners what they expect. 

Will your show be broadcast daily or weekly? Will your show be a short feature vignette, or a program that’s one, two, three hours long? Think about your goals in doing the show, and don’t assume you need to do a long show in order to achieve them. Segmenting shows is commonly done. So, you can always break them up to and stretch them for weeks. 

How will you make money from your show? Besides selling commercial spots within your show, there are other income streams you will want to explore.

Step 2


Your show should be on at least one radio station, or one high quality internet site, before you try syndicating it nationally.

Programmers who consider carrying your syndicated show will naturally want to know if it has a track record. So, how do you find that first station or high quality streaming website? You have a few choices. 

First, you can buy time on your first station. There’s probably a local station that will happily sell you a daily or weekly time slot. Prices vary and are negotiable.

Yet another option is to buy time on a radio network that offers satellite distribution.

A third option is to put your show on a professional, high quality, streaming internet radio network. There are many choices for you to select from which uses a shared-cost, shared-revenue model. This means that radio hosts share the cost of bandwidth and operations, and they share in the ad revenue. 

Additionally, you may even be able to convince a station to give you air time. This requires a little time and commitment on your part. Since radio is most certainly people business, it will help to know someone. 

If your show or podcast isn’t on a station yet, we can make that happen for you. 

Step 3


It is very important to make a good first impression with potential affiliates.

Don’t look like an amateur. You want to make sure your marketing material looks professional.  You should include a high quality photo of yourself and all material should be of professional grade.  Of course, your show must include a broadcast quality audio. The best shows are fast-paced, full of energy, and not too long.

It is very important vital to put your show online, of course. Be sure to create a web site for your show, as this will typically be the first impression someone will get about your show! Old, poorly designed and unprofessional websites cause radio shows to fail 100% of the time. 

Step 4


Marketing is the most important part of promotion, and few syndicated shows succeed without it.

If radio stations have never heard of your show, they may be reluctant to add it. Think about your own purchasing decisions. How often do you choose a product you’ve never heard of? People are much more comfortable buying something that is familiar to them.

Find ways to affordably market your show to the radio industry, on an ongoing basis. It’s important to make everyone in the industry aware of your show.

This strategy, used by the most successful syndicators, works for you in two important ways.

Let people know about it, and your show will grow.

Step 5


Once your show is up and running, there are things to do! Commercials need to be sold, shows have to be produced and distributed, and you have to get paid. How does it all get done?

The answer is, you automate it. You want important things to happen automatically without lots of time or effort on your part. This will give you the freedom to do great shows and to build more revenue streams.

Smart syndicators will eventually automate all routines of their show.

Once your show is underway, you will want to keep growing with new projects. For example, writing a book, selling digital products, doing webinars and public speaking, TV appearances, hosting in-person seminars, selling merchandise, etc.

With a nationwide audience of radio listeners, your voice and message can reach millions. Your show will inform, entertain and be a resource to your listeners, while providing you with revenue and a platform to build a wide array of ventures.